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In the constantly evolving times, change is the only constant. Outplacement care with recruitment support.
Disengaged HR


Change is the only constant in today’s fast-paced, industry-oriented world. With companies adjusting their requirements in order to pivot their business in the right direction, many elements.


With our 360-degree approach, our industry experts are here to help you conduct your business without any obstacles and continue building your brand. is where Disengaged HR comes in.


We monitor actively the global database of talent out placed during untoward and unavoidable circumstances or disasters i.e poor employment practices victim.
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Humanitarian Talent Placement

Helping candidates find the right opportunities after being laid off.
Employees Get Back to Work

Outplacement Services

Ensuring a complete and smooth employee exit process from recruitment to payroll.
Increase your employee retention

Re-Placement hiring

Providing replacement services for clients looking to complete their recruitment needs.
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At Disengaged HR, we help provide efficient outplacement services and placement services to help you continue your business without any hassles.

conduct your business without any obstacles and continue building your brand.

With over 15+ years of industry experience we are well-equipped to assist companies of various scales with managing employee offboarding, including exit interviews, monitoring cancellation processes, and even ensuring compliance risk elimination in HR across various industries in the UAE.
Our services do not stop here. We not only offer services to ensure a smooth transition for employees who have regrettably been made redundant but also work towards providing counseling and replacement services to help businesses thrive without any obstacles in their business.
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